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by Garry Simkin

In the Yarramalong Valley, inland from Gosford NSW, near the small village of the same name, is a stunning piece of road which seems ideally suited to make a decent long hillclimb. Steep in places, windy and newly black-topped, I have driven over it on many occasions of late and it seems to be an ideal venue.

In a chance conversation with John Wright of Gosford regarding the road, he told me that there were in fact a few hillclimbs held there in years gone by. On 11 September 2020 it will be 60 years since the Central Coast Car Club held a round of the New South Wales Hillclimb Championship on the hill, and not only was John there, but he had some fantastic photos to prove it.

Fastest time of the day was taken by Jack Myers in his WM Cooper, and the first of the air-cooled cars was 3rd quickest, Geoff McClelland in his self built MacVincent.


Winner of up to 750 cc racing car class was Neal Simpson driving the Aquilla, a swing axle device that John describes as ‘an evil handling car’.


Geoff Surtees was second in the class in his Surtees JAP – see more on this car in Loose Fillings #32 at www.loosefillings.com/back-issues This car is shown in front of the Chrysler, with no number on it.


The MacVincent, number 67 has Loose Fillings’ founding editor Graham Howard to the right in the front-on shot (below), and with his back to the camera in the rear-on shot (earlier).


Car 18 is the Ewing with Harley Davidson bottom end and ES2 Norton heads. There is more on this car in Loose Fillings #14 and an obituary of Ron in #7.


Cars 30 and 31 appear to be Ralts, and we do know that Alan Hindes was competing in one on this occasion.


Thanks to John Wright for the photos and Brian Lear and John Medley for help with the details.

Here are a few more shots which give an idea of the range of cars and people then in action starting with Tom Sulman’s  Maserati 


Doug Kelly’s Cooper Climax type 41


…and don’t you love the Mk2 Zephyr ute –  what happened to them all – or weren’t there that many –  John Bisset’s Buckle is behind it


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