Four air-cooled cars competed at Wakefield Park, NSW, on the weekend of 17-18 September in a race meeting organised to celebrate 40 years since the inaugural Australian all- historic meeting was  held at the now defunct Amaroo Park circuit.

Three of the original organisers of that milestone event, John Lackey, John Medley and Rob Rowe joined forces to get the 2016 event off the ground, in conjunction with Wakefield Park management.

Andrew Halliday had a good run in his Mk5 Cooper Norton, Graeme Snape brought the Cooper BMW out of mothballs, Brian Simpson came from Melbourne with the Mk9 Cooper JAP and from Queensland came Alan Morton with his Alba Triumph. Derry Greeneklee had planned on competing with his Mk6 Cooper JAP  but storm damage  in the Adelaide Hills blocked his way out.

A large number of motorcycles were welcomed to Wakefield Park. The first meeting was for cars and solo motorcycles but in 1977 sidecar outfits and three-wheelers joined the show.   It was a great weekend for air-cooled enthusiasts, so mark September 23 and 24 in your diary for a repeat in 2017.


Top: Graham Snape in the Cooper-BMW –  a very successful New South Wales developed car.
Below: Alan Morton with his Alba Triumph.



  1. HI Terry and Garry and All
    I hasten to correct a piece of history. The original 1976 First All Historic Meeting at Amaroo contained both cars and motorcycles. The main 2016 variation from that original 1976 pattern was that sidecars were included in 2016.
    Both 1976 and 2016 meetings were great successes, each drawing the biggest crowd of the year at their respective venues. “Biggest crowd since the 2008 Konica V8s ” was a typical Wakefield Park comment. Importantly too 2016 Wakefield Park was marvelous in its friendly relaxed well-organized atmosphere with strong cameraderie among competitors. All should be at 2017 Wakefield Park– it will be another great day for real enthusiasts.
    Best wishes
    John Medley


  2. Sorry, my mistake. I wasn’t at the 1976 meeting being out of town at the Morgan rally and did quite a lot of work on getting theewheelers and sidecars added for 1977.



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