Masterly Modern Interpretation


Bob Britton and his Rennmaxes are well-known. They’ve won Australian National Championships, multitudes of races and taken the fight to the top. Even the air-cooled ones – the Mk 1 and Mk 2 Formula Vees.

Long before these came into being, though, Bob Britton was a paid-up member of the 500cc club in Sydney. In there with the likes of Bob Joass, Ron Tauranac and other famous names.

Working for a welding company, Bob did time at technical college learning his trade. And doodling in notepads with details of the 500cc race car he wanted to build … and couldn’t afford to.

He was to build Formula Juniors, Formula 2, Formula 3, ANF 1, ANF 11⁄2, Sports Racers and Tasman cars during his long career in engineering. His first car was actually a Formula 1. But today things are quieter for the near-80-year-old Bob and he just builds what he wants to build. Among his nicer creations is this 500cc car.


Built in the old style with low cockpit sides, it takes advantage of modern technology with inboard suspension and Japanese mechanicals. It has sleek lines and alloy wheels, and that all-important extra – a starter motor. The Rennmax BN12’s major components are:
.  Suzuki 500cc twin engine (above)
.  VW Golf differential and driveshafts
.  Holden Gemini front uprights and brakes
.  Rennmax BN7 steering wheel
.  Koni dampers
.  Spaceframe chassis, fibreglass body

Story and pictures by Ray Bell




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