John Staveley in The Bulletin of the Vintage Sports Car Club

On first opening this heavy, well produced book it immediately becomes apparent that it is … a vibrant story of motor racing starting before the turn of the twentieth century but quickly moving on to post World War 2 airfield circuits.

… an important work, written in an entertaining style, beautifully illustrated and great value. What a good book! Highly recommended.

Doug Nye, author of Cooper Cars on the Nostalgia Forum

… here’s a beautifully-designed, very well-produced, highly detailed and sophisticated piece of engineering and sporting history—really well worth the money. Respect!

He has spread his remit to cover the entire background story of small capacity competition cars after much diligent research, and deals with the nativity of the 500cc movement itself in really interesting depth. I rate it as an important, hefty, and good looking addition to any real motor sport enthusiast’s book shelf.

John Medley, author of Bathurst – Cradle of Australian Motor Racing
in The Oily Rag

This is a marvellous book. You should buy it. It is filled with fascinating detail, a clear story line, broad and deep in its history and humanity, astonishing in its memorabilia and automobiliana, the author’s research and footnoting a model for other writers, the author’s hands-on experience in the field impeccably unmatched … The book is well produced, thoughtfully designed, and too heavy to read in bed.

David Moore, Shelsley Walsh archivist in MAC News

This excellent book is so much more than the title suggests as it covers a wide motor racing history …  the JAP and Vincent units are fully illustrated by the author who clearly knows his subject in great depth … Interestingly, the author not only describes the origins of the cars themselves but also paints vivid pictures of the motor racing, social and political scenes of their eras.

Jerry Sturman in Speedscene, journal of the Hillclimb and Sprint Association

Fills a significant gap in motorsport history … All enthusiasts will want to have this one on their shelves … Entertainingly written and superbly laid out … the book is a visual treat as well as being a meticulously researched, in-depth survey of the history and development of the motorcycle V-twin engine in competition.

Mike Cooper, Managing Director, Cooper Car Company Ltd
I have been buried in the book all weekend. It is a fascinating read and I am sure many other motor racing enthusiasts will really enjoy it.



  1. Thanks for a wonderful wonderful book.
    One of THE BEST EVER additions to my home library.

    Jim Scammell
    Barossa Vintage Collingrove Hillclimb
    Sporting Car Club of South Australia

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