Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-Twin Cooper by Terry Wright was published on 2 November 2015. Here the author is starting to publish some of the mass of material  he has collected that didn’t find its way into the book.


Following Kerry Horan’s comments (thank you, see  ‘Comments’ PREVIOUS POST/JOE POTTS MYSTERIES below) here are a couple of complementary lists of engines; they seem to be different ‘views’ of the same factory records. The spreadsheet came from Brian Greenfield. The John Marshall article is obviously from the VOC mag.

The two engines for P Monkhouse are a mystery. Peter Monkhouse was killed racing in Italy April 1950 spo assuming it is the same person the date on his two engines of 1.10.50 is strange

My best information on ex-factory Vincent-engined cars is as follows:

1948/9 prototype car reportedly for George Abecassis but raced by John Cooper at Goodwood September 1949 then this, or another car delivered to George in 1949 and first used at Goodwood.

1949 cars for  George Hartwell, Pat Fergusson and Eric Winterbottom

1950 car for John Green maybe using engine ex Pat Fergusson

1950 car supplied without engine for John Snow who fitted an engine in Sydney from a complete Lightning that he had bought.

It would be interesting to find out if anything is known about the Monkhouse engines #1485 and 1486. Maybe someone in the VOC can inquire of the Registrar.


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