Long-time Melbourne Cooper aficionado Garth Rhodes has been having a tidy-up and has kindly given us a Cooper Yearbook which we haven’t seen before at Loose Fillings. There are some interesting advertisements and photographs of air-cooled cars which we are happy to reproduce here. Many thanks Garth, but sorry the image quality isn’t better here.


Cooper 3

Cooper 4Cooper 5

Cooper 7

Cooper 8

Cooper 9

Cooper 10

Then follow some pages of photographs which are not new to us but we think these are:

Cooper 16

Cooper 17

Cooper 18

Cooper 19

The following though is not the Mk8 as we know it but maybe the early ones had the body style of the  Mk7 –  seems more likely that there just wasn’t a Mk8 twin when the yearbook was put together.

Cooper 20

Cooper 21To finish here is a cutaway drawing of the Cooper Bristol; the rest of the handbook is a list of Cooper successes from 1946 to 1953.

Cooper 22

Hope you like it!


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